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Lecturers 2014
Ernest Cachia
Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, University of Malta
Professor Ernest Cachia currently holds the post of Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology and is also the Head of the Department of Computer Information Systems at the University of Malta, and is a member of the Senate of the University of Malta. Professor Cachia holds Bachelor, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Computing, Computer Engineering, and Software Engineering from the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" and from the University of Sheffield in England. Professor Cachia has worked in various Electronics and ICT companies, and private educational establishments, and currently holds a tenured post at the University of Malta.
Professor Cachia is a Knight of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem (The Hereditary Order). He was knighted the year 2005 by then Grandmaster, the late Baron Michael Vella Haber.
Professor Cachia native languages are Maltese and English. However, he is fluent in Italian and Russian, has a working knowledge of French and Spanish and a very basic understanding of Arabic.
Torjus Jensen
Managing Director, Luxoft
Mr. Jensen is an information technology developer, manager and strategist. He has a broad experience in Investment Banking, Investment Management, E-Commerce, and Direct Marketing technologies. He operated on a global basis for many years, with teams dispersed across the US, Europe, Asia and South America.
Over the course of his career he was involved in technology development, outsourcing, very large data systems, distributed databases and warehousing as a part of Nomura Capital Services, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and UBS.
Mr. Jensen holds CFA L1 & L2 and has deep expertise in financial reference data.
Currently Mr. Jensen is a Managing Director at Luxoft, a leading global IT services provider. He manages strategic development, client relations and delivery in the Financial Services vertical.
Mykyta Koniev
Senior Software Engineer, EPAM Systems
Nikita is a BI Consultant (DWH, ETL, Reporting), EPAM trainer, organizes conferences for BI-developers. He focused on wide-range analysis for any type of business and providing BI solutions.
Viktor Sdobnikov
Technical Lead, Luxoft
Viktor is a technical lead at the augmented reality team that is a part of the automotive business of Luxoft. Viktor's responsibility includes design of applied algorithms of computer vision and patterns of its learning and optimization. He also is responsible for coaching and effective interaction between the team members, developing expertise in the area of computer vision and augmented reality as well as working with potential clients. Viktor's professional interests include development of correct mathematical formulation of practical tasks of recognition and its learning as well as modern research and development in the area of images recognition and processing.
Oleg Tsal-Tsalko
Lead Software Engineer, EPAM Systems
Mostly working with enterprise business applications. Member of LJC and JUG KPI communities. Also involved in Adopt JSR program. Last time interested in Cloud computing, NoSQL and Scalability/HA aspects in general. Participate in different educational programs and diff engineering communities.
Oleksandr Oriekhov
Head of Educational Committee, Association "IT Ukraine", PhD
Olena Syrota
Director of Human Resource Development, EPAM Systems, PhD
The head of the educational programs at EPAM Systems (Kyiv), responsible for relations with universities in Kiev, is member part of the education committee of specialized IT associations. The sphere of educational programs moved from the field of software development. Lecturer at NTUU "KPI".
Volodymyr Yantsov
HR Business Partner, EPAM Systems
Volodymyr is responsible for proper communication with the candidates to EPAM Systems students' program.
Margaryta Ostapchuk
The Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Margaryta is the Technical Evangelist at UA Developer Experience and Evangelism (DX) team. She supports developer ecosystem locally for Microsoft’s key platforms. Margaryta work closely with developers, startups, and students. She drive interest for Windows 8, Microsoft Azure, Windows Phone development.

Anastasiya Stetsenko
HR People Partner, Luxoft

Anastasia has about 7 years experience in Human Resources. She has been already working for 1 year as a HR People Partner in the company Luxoft. She is engaged in all aspects of the employee life cycle in the company. She organizes many corporate events and is actively involved in working with the employer brand.

Oleg Dovzhenko
Software QA Engineer, Miratech
Oleg started to work in Miratech in 2011. He was graduated from the National University of Food Technologies in 2010. He has ISTQB certificate.
Vitaliy Elengaupt
Software QA Engineer, Miratech
Vitaliy stated to work in Miratech in 2012 on the position of automated software engineer. Was graduated from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 2012.
Oleksii Khorchev
Senior Software Engineer, EPAM Systems
Oleksii is a passionate software engineer who can be seen on different meetings as an attendee, speaker or organizer. He is working on a big project in EPAM Systems and during working hours he concentrates on building competency and organizing the team plus brainstorming and implementing the most difficult parts of the project. And when Oleksii comes home and puts his daughter to bed, he starts reading and trying latest trends in .NET, architecture and tools to share most interesting parts of his experience with community as presentations or workshops. During the last half a year he also started looking into project management, so it is possible to meet him on PM community events as well.
Artem Alferov
Software Engineer, Miratech
Artem started to work in Miratech in 2013. He graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". During studies he worked in several IT companies as developer of software solutions. Artem has several professional certificates including Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. Interests: Web-applications developing, game developing.