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Main topics of ACSE'14

• Lecture “Open Data - for our own good”

Speaker: Ernest Cachia, Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, University of Malta
Working language is English.

With every new day we all appreciate more and more the critical role that data plays in our lives. The nature of information is data, and the power of information is clearly evident in everything from current events happening around the world to nutritional information and decisions you take for your breakfast before going to work. It therefore follows, that the way data is transformed to information is key, and as for any key, the way it is cut and sued will determine its use. Information can unlock potential or can create confusion. Without observing, extracting, studying, and structuring information the whole ICT domain will eventually be burdened to deliver solutions for the ever-increasing expectations. This talk will introduce students to the notion of open data. The current state-of-affairs. The potential it presents. The challenges that scientists would need to face. The research that can be done and areas that are now very actual and open to collaborative action.


• Lecture “Big Data Starts Small”

Speaker: Ernest Cachia, Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, University of Malta
Working language is English.

The philosophy behind and scientific understanding is linking current work to the bigger picture and showing how it fits in. When trying to understand the true meaning of Big Data, one must inevitably link this modern concept to well established computational models. This will also serve to lend validity to the new concepts. Big Data is nevertheless data. Therefore Big Data can be seen as an evolutionary stage in the treatment and use of data. This talk will acquaint students with some fundamental notions od data modelling, the relationship between data and function, and show how this has effected Big Data considerations. The talk will also extrpolate Big Data concepts to another modern branch of computing - Cloud Computing and the Internet of things, both of which are only as efficient as the underlying "Big" data is effectively used.


• Lecture “How Big Data is already changing our lives”

Speaker: Torjus Jensen, Managing Director, Luxoft
Working language is English.

“Big data” is high-volume, -velocity and -variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making. Big data boom is supported by better access to continuously advancing technologies on public, corporate and even individual levels.
After a brief overview of the big data concept and historical evolution of its usage, we will go to seeing how big data is used nowadays to allow governments, businesses and individuals to make better decisions and changes our society's structure and usual lifestyles in historically unprecedented ways.


• Lecture “Listen. Improve. Answer. BI”

Speaker: Mykyta Koniev, Senior Software Engineer, EPAM Systems
Presentation will tell you how Business Intelligence help to identify top priorities in the development of new products and services from a huge set of customer needs and build platform that conducts wide-range analysis of feedback leading to actionable insights.
Required Skills: SQL (basic), Data Mining (basic).


• Seminar “Computer Vision Algorithms in Automotive Infotainment Systems”

Speaker: Viktor Sdobnikov, Technical Lead, Luxoft
During presentation it is planned to provide an overview of basics and perspectives for augmented navigation system, which is being developed on the basis of Luxoft company. It is scheduled to consider general practical aspects of building computationally complex interactive systems in terms of objective constraints and requirements, respecting the application domain.


• Master class “Lambdas Hacking, Kata”

Master class is taught by Oleg Tsal-Tsalko, Lead Software Engineer, EPAM Systems
In this hands-on session we will be practicing with biggest Java 8 feature - Lambdas! The goal of this session is to get familiar with Java 8 Lambdas, learn how to use them and check by yourself how lot of things become easier with Lambdas.
The most active and talented students (4-6 grade) selected by our lead engineer will be granted with certain benefits in joining EPAM Java program for students.
ATTENTION! To participate in this master class you have to register specially (the number of participants is limited by 20 people).
Required software: You will need for this session your personal notebook, Java 8 and your favorite IDE installed. The only additional library you need is JUnit.


• Lecture “Review of modern theories of managing people and motivating employees”

Speaker: Alexander Oriekhov, Ph.D., Head of the Committee on Educational, Association "Information Technologies of Ukraine"
The seminar will briefly consider some contemporary theories of managing people as well as requirements for professionals and guidance on the first steps of building a professional career in this industry.

• Lecture “Education for IT-specialist as accelerator for career”

Speaker: Olena Syrota, Director of Human Resource Development, EPAM Systems, PhD
Why IT-specialist needs education? What is the need to study in university – for diploma, for parents? What is the goal of education for student? What does it like – working in a big company? Starting your career at EPAM Systems.

• Lecture “Five «NO’s» for a Junior-student or how you form your first impression”

Speaker: Volodymyr Yantsov, HR Business Partner, EPAM Systems
You will find out about 5 typical mistakes that the average student/junior performs during his communication with HR representative. Also we will underline the “Good/Bad” candidate features during the initial contact with the candidate, and how HR does knows that the candidate is reasonable or is overconfident without even talking to him.

• Lecture “How to avoid getting lost in a big IT company: Finding success in endless corridors and rooms of a multi-floor business center. Experience of Luxoft”

Speaker: Anastasiya Stetsenko, HR people partner, Luxoft
Many people think that a big company is not a proper place for ambitious and creative people who aim for success in developing their skills and projects. The presenter will ruin this stereotype. She will discuss the entire process of starting a job, adaptation in the team and opportunities for career growth. You will learn what are the benefits you can get from a 1000+ employee company. You will receive proofs how companies develop, train and create cooperation environment among its employees.


• Lecture “Dependency Injection: So you think you’re implementing it right”

Speaker: Oleksii Khorchev, Senior Software Engineer, EPAM Systems
The following questions will be discussed in this lecture:
• What is DI — very basic overview
• Why DI
• How DI
• Why not Service Locator — never ever
• Advanced Parts of DI (Lifetime Managers, Cross-Cutting Concerns).